BDSM for Beginners

Blindfolds are kind of a staple in everyone's "play bag." Right next to the paddles and the nipple clamps I think everyone has several different kinds, from your inexpensive sleep masks to your heavy molded leather jobs. The truth is I had to learn an appreciation for them. I wasn't really much of a blindfold person [...]


Forget the Bunny; Here comes Bruce

I’ve always been at home in the water. My earliest memories are of the Atlantic ocean outside of Jacksonville. From there I remember my parent’s pool and swimming in the lake outside of my father’s family home. I could swim before I could walk. Anytime I’m upset, stressed or just need to ground out I’ll [...]

The Gift

Today is Valentine's Day. My spouse and I aren't real big holiday people. Unless there is food involved then bring it on! In years past I've given her t-shirts, sex toys, even jewelry. This year though we agreed that we weren't going to get each other anything. We really don't have the money to spend. [...]